What is Solid Surface? And it’s applications

Are you aware of the countertop named solid surface? Have you ever heard about it and where it is used? If not then worry no more, in this article we are going to discuss all about solid surface.

There are many materials that are used for the decoration and utilityprocess in the household, these materials are highly durable and if taken proper care, then they could last for decades. One such material is Solid surface, now let just dive in and understand the basic fundamentals of the solid surface.

What is a solid surface?

what is solid surface

Solid surface is termed as a material that is man-made in nature and is composed of the amalgamation of alumina trihydrate, acrylic, epoxy, or in some cases polyester resin and pigments.

The solid surface was introduced and made by the DuPont in the year 1967, under the name of Corian in the initial years. Soon enough, after the expiration of their patent, there have been many other manufactures that have entered the market with their own set of combinations and variety of products.

Solid surface can be categorized as a non-porous low maintenance material that can be used to produce counterparts. The appearance of the solid surface is just like the granite, marble, stone, and many other naturally occurring materials.

This particular material can be molded into various shapes and structures such as sinks, shower pans, as well as bathtubs. Color and design flexibility are some of the major factors due to which engineering composites are chosen over natural stone.

When it comes to residential settings, solid surfaces are majorly used in kitchen countertops, shower and tub surrounds, and bathroom vanity tops. The solid surface is usually fabricated with the material which can be easily shaped as per desire using the two-part adhesive, and then flattened with the help of a machine flattener.

The major attraction of the Solid surface is its impermeability, as such the sinks made from the solid surface can be installed with the countertop surface like it was the part of the whole set. Due to this kind of finesse, it eliminates the areas where water can collect and reduce the chances of bacteria from growing.

Some of the solid surface applications:

solid surface applications
  • Kitchen and Bathrooms
  • Hospitality and Catering
  • Shop fittings
  • Airports
  • Public buildings
  • Hospitals

Be that as it may, no matter how good and perfect the product or material is, there will always be yet another material or product to act as a competitor. Any idea which material would that be?

Quartz, the answer is Quartz and it has the potential to stand side by side with the applications of Solid surfaces. That being said, there comes a well yet another question in mind and thatwould be, is the solid surface the same as quartz?

The answer to this is solid surface and quartz are both used in the kitchen countertops, as such both of them is a little man-made and in some case it is natural as well. Neither of these materials is considered as a premium natural stone, still, the products made out of it is considered as a high end.

There are the same but still different from each other. Solid surface countertops give a lighter countertop without seams while on the other hand quartz countertops provide a more durable option that has a resemblance of stone. Both of the materials are lower maintenance as compared to the natural stone and do not require any kind of sealing or special cleansers.

After a discussion about the solid surface and some of its counterparts, there is only one thing left to discuss, Is Solid surface cheaper than granite?

The price of solid surface and granite varies everywhere, as such the rate of both materials depends on the geography.

When taken into consideration, the rates of solid surface in the United States are around $75 – $120 per square foot and the rate of granite is $100 – $250 per square foot.

While on the other hand, the rates of Corian are more expensive in India which means the solid surface is more expensive. The rate of solid surface ranges from Rs 600 -1500 per square feet, making it almost five times more expensive than that of an average granite piece.


There are many materials like granite, marble, epoxy surface but when it comes to maintenance, solid surface tends to win all the flags.

The solid surface requires zero maintenance and is quite durable.